Your GPA

Thought Leadership Potential = Genius + Passion + Attitude

Genius is your giftedness; it’s your ability to understand a problem, find a solution, or share it in a way that makes a difference to other people.  It’s sharing a solution that makes their lives better, richer, or more enjoyable and they recognize that you are the source of that solution.  The idea doesn’t need to be unique to you.  Your perspective may be the uniqueness.  Your uniqueness may be your ability to teach it or express it the way you do. Your genius may be that you take a common idea, but you market it in such a way that people will listen and apprehend the concept, action, or product

Passion is how you feel about it.  It’s the intensity of emotion that drives you to perfect, to share, to persuade, or to research more. To be a thought leader you will need to feel passionate about your ideas.  It’s difficult to build and maintain momentum with passion.  Genius will provide the intellectual engine but passion is the fuel that will give it power. It is difficult to become a thought leader if you don’t feel passionate about the ideas you’re sharing. You may not express your passion in an overtly emotional way, but it has to be at the core of your leadership.

Attitude has to do with your commitment to your ideas – your commitment to the self-discipline it takes to share your passion and your genius. It is your commitment to the people that will follow your ideas.  It is also your commitment to the process of doing the work so that people know what your ideas are.  It will mean commitment to learning enough about web technologies to determine which internet platforms are best to accomplish your goals.  In a sense commitment means becoming a servant to your message.

It’s also has a great deal to do with your attitude about yourself.  Many people have a wrong sense of humility.  Being a thought leader and working to establish your thought leadership is not self-aggrandizement.  If you have been blessed with a genius and passion to share it, there is nothing self-aggrandizing about sharing it with those who may be looking for it.  Your attitude should be one of wanting to serve those who wait for you to reach your potential. You do not serve anyone by making yourself to be less than you are in the name of humility.

Also realize that your GPA can change.  You can educate yourself to change your genius.  As you do that you may become passionate about a new topic or product, and changing your attitude is a matter of personal will power and focus. This is an important concept because the area of expertise you think you will start in may need to be refined.  We’ll talk more about the refining process later.