Thought Leadership

Joel Kurtzman, a former international economist for the U.N., is credited for first using the term, “thought leader.” The term referred to entities that have a reputation for innovative ideas.  When referring to companies it often is used to describe the attributes of companies that are first in their field.  It often refers to their marketing technologies, product or service research and development, human resources development or some other aspect of corporate life where they are recognized outside of their organization for their contribution and impact regarding the thinking related to their business their field, or society at large. 

Positioning yourself as a thought leader has never been more within your control as it is today.  Web technologies have democratized the process and made it more affordable than a couple of decades ago.  With the web as come the ability to publish materials yourself using print-on-demand technologies and then promote them using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to gain Google rankings and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to find people who are interested in them. No dependence upon the good graces of some publisher who doesn’t care about you personally.